AVALON - 2015

Avalon is a 35 minutes long movie created by CG artists Romain Testylier, Estelle Charleroy and myself, for compositer Gregory Frelat's symphony : "La Cour d'Arthur".

The film is composed of four parts, with each one corresponding to a movement of the symphony. Each part narrates the tale of the characters of the Arthurian Legend : Pendragon, Merlin, Guenievre and Arthur.

Avalon was made in five months, on our free time (we all had full-time jobs during that period). It was a real challenge to be able to produce such a long movie with so little time. The film was screened on June 14th 2015 during a concert given by the "Harmonie des Deux Rives".

I worked on the characters rigging, the animations (custom and cycles) for Pendragon, Merlin and Arthur's Movements, as well as the compositing and video editing. I also had a lot of fun doing some particles FX for the different fires throughout the movie, as well as the forest fireflies.

Romain was in charge of all the backgrounds, props and secondary characters design. He also worked on the crowd gestion and smoke FX for the battlefield scenes, cloth simulation for Pendragon's cloak and banners, and the horse walk/run cycles.

Estelle designed the main characters, as well as Excalibur, Pendragon's sword and the four movements titles. She also did the posing for Guenievre's Movement


This is a quick video showing the concept of "Stable Constrained Dynamics", a technical paper my co-workers presented at Siggraph 2015. The video was played at Los Angeles during the fast forward session.

I spent roughly three days to produce this video from scratch. The character design was created by Estelle Charleroy.


This is a quick video showing the concept of "Anatomy Transfer", a technical paper my co-workers presented at Siggraph Asia 2013. The video was played at Hong Kong during the fast forward session.

I worked on this video with Estelle Charleroy. She made the character design for Bacchus (the fat character), the design and animation of the transitions, and the animation of the second scene, while I did the rest.


"Film Noir et Blanc" ("Black and White Movie") is a team-based short film I worked on as part of my final year of study at Supinfocom. The movie, a metaphor about segregation, follows the point of view of a young badger in a city where black animals and white animals are at war.

I worked on the modeling, rigging, setup and fur of the characters, the animation of the meeting sequence (see video below), the texturing of the buildings and the scripting / debbuging.

Team Members : Alexandre CUEGNIET, Estelle CHARLEROY, Benjamin CORBEL, Nicolas CREVON, Laura PAIARDINI, Paul SERRELL


"Le Trille du Diable" ("The Devil's Trill") is a short movie I made during my studies, based on the theme of selling your soul to the devil. I choose to illustrate the legend surrounding the Violin Sonata in G minor of Giuseppe Tartini, one of the most complex violin pieces, said to have been composed by the devil himself in exchange of Tartini's soul.

There was a first version of the movie, with a much more realistic rendering. You can find it here.

ALTAN - 2009

Altan is my first 3D animation. The theme was "from egg to flight" Transformer's style, with a minimalistic rendering.